Marco Sinervo

MGM Models founder and CEO Marco Sinervo is internationally one of the most successful and prestigious model managers. With over 20 years of experience with leading agencies in New York, LA, Milan and Germany he has actuated and managed the careers of dozens of supermodels and celebrities. MGM Models is owner managed by Marco Sinervo and its work is always related to his highest standards in terms of dealing with both models and clients in very ethical and professional ways.

In March 2022 his book "Fame vs. Fake" was published by MVG Publishing House.

Here he explains how the model industry mechanisms operate, the influence of social media on his business, his own ideas of the diversity topic, and how it is still possible to become a Supermodel these days.

“Marco Sinervo is one of the most powerful model agents I know. He has turned his own agency MGM Models, into one of the leading model agencies in Europe. MGM Models is a reputable powerhouse with very professional agents, strong international relations, a huge and very promising new face department, and over all an extremely professional and reliable way of dealing business.”

Paolo Buonfante | Director Elite Models